About me

Yordi Pauptit is an engineer with a passion for everything related to cloud-native technologies. As a 14 year old kid he started exploring the other side of the web, using HTML, CSS, and PHP to create interactive web-based applications.

A professional career as a software engineer followed early on, working in various high scale national businesses, using mostly Zend Framework and Symfony to create enterprise applications. Around 2014 he discovered Docker, and soon began running proof of concepts running production workloads on containerised environments using CoreOS and fleet.

While continuing to work as a software engineer, implementing various highly complex systems using CQRS and Event Sourcing, interest in containerisation grew and experiments using other orchestrators soon followed. In 2017 roles started shifting from being focused on software engineering to being more platform and infrastructure related, with the first production environment based on Apache Mesos, DC/OS, and Kubernetes soon deployed.

Ever since, an awesome journey has been travelled to find the amazing software that the cloud-native space entailed, with highlights being a multi-region multi-cluster Kubernetes setup using Istio and Kubernetes Federation v2, as well as a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure using KubeVirt.

Starting today, I'd like you to join me on these adventures while they happen. Read about the joys of the technology I work with, as well as the frustrations that inevitably come along with it.